Finding the Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts in 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Thanksgiving gifts are a thoughtful way to show love, even if not expected
  • Tailor gift ideas to the recipient’s personality, hobbies, interests
  • Home decor, indulgent foods, and serving pieces make great gift categories
  • Add personal touches like handwritten cards and in-person delivery
  • Focus on useful, portable gifts that align with Thanksgiving themes
  • With creativity and personalization, gifts can become a new tradition


Thanksgiving is a time for gathering, gratefulness, and savoring connections with loved ones. While gift-giving is not traditionally associated with the holiday, thinking outside the box and surprising family or friends with unique presents can be a thoughtful way to make Thanksgiving extra special this year. With an abundance of options, how can you pick the perfect gifts to wow your recipients?

Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving

Decorative Resin Pumpkin Set

A set of decorative resin pumpkins in various sizes can add a perfect seasonal touch to Thanksgiving tablescapes. Placed as a centerpiece or spaced down the table, these realistic pumpkins in rich autumnal colors instantly boost the holiday ambiance. They come in durable materials like resin or ceramic that can be repurposed year after year.

Wine Bottle Labels

Custom wine bottle labels printed with Thanksgiving quotes like “Thankful for Friends” or family names/dates make great gifts for Friendsgiving gatherings. Add these stylish labels to the wine bottles you bring to upgrade your host gift. They help tie everything together for a nicely coordinated display. The labels adhere easily and add a personalized element.

Porcelain Dipping Bowls

Keep sauces and sides neatly corralled for Thanksgiving dinner with a set of charming porcelain dipping bowls. These miniature bowls are perfect for condiments, olive oil, gravy, cranberry sauce, and any other dips or additions. They bring order to the table and their classic white porcelain finish complements any holiday tablescape.

Acacia Wood Cheese Board

A premium acacia wood cheese board takes charcuterie and crackers to the next level for impressive holiday appetizers. These sturdy and beautiful wood boards provide ample space for everything from wedges to cured meats and pickles. Include built-in bowls and sleek cutting knives for ease and functionality.

Gourmet Chocolate Assortment

For chocolate lovers, a box of gourmet Godiva chocolates makes an incredibly decadent gift. These assortments come in luxury gold boxes with a variety of indulgent fillings inside each artisanal piece. From caramels to truffles, chocolate-dipped nuts, and more, these treats delight the senses and sweeten the holiday.

Mixed Nuts Gift Basket

A mixed nuts gift basket brimming with roasted and honey-glazed pistachios, pecans, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and cashews is a crowd-pleasing edible gift. These assorted premium nuts have delicious flavors and crunch perfect for snacking throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. Tie it all together in a festive basket or tin.

Nest Holiday Scented Candle

Set a relaxing and inviting ambiance on Thanksgiving with a deliciously scented candle from Nest Fragrances. Opt for seasonal scents like pumpkin, cranberry, or spices. Place the candle on a side table and let the cozy fragrance infuse the room as everyone gathers to enjoy the holiday. These luxury candles burn evenly for up to 60 hours of tranquil light.

Indoor Herb Garden Kits

An indoor herb garden kit that lets recipients grow fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, and oregano right in their kitchen is a unique gift for Thanksgiving. These self-contained kits are simple to set up and make homegrown seasoning readily accessible. Add the included seed pods and enjoy watching the herb garden grow!

Ceramic Pumpkin Pie Dish

For the Thanksgiving baker, a quality ceramic pumpkin pie dish and server make an excellent gift. These oven-safe pie plates often come with a ceramic pumpkin top and elegant gold server for fetching perfect slices. Recipients will love showing off their homemade pies in this fitting dish.

Leather Journal & Pen

Help loved ones preserve Thanksgiving memories and traditions for years to come with a classy leather journal and pen gift set. Opt for a journal with interesting details like an embossed design or built-in pen loop to securely hold the included pen. This timeless gift provides a place to write down recipes, guest lists, favorite moments, and more.

How to Select the Ideal Gift

Start by considering the intended recipient’s personality, hobbies, and interests. For the hostess who has been working hard on the food, a scented candle or cheese board is ideal. For bakers, new pie dishes allow them to showcase their creations. If you want to complement Thanksgiving decor, resin pumpkins or ceramic turkey dipping bowls make excellent accents. To indulge in sweet tooths, premium chocolate or nut assortments are perfect. For the green thumb, an indoor gardening kit lets them grow fresh herbs.

Tailor gifts to the recipient’s passions to show how well you know and appreciate them. But don’t overthink it too much – even small shareable treats thoughtfully given can delight.

Presentation and Personalization

Along with selecting thoughtful gifts, presentation, and personalization add extra touches of care. Include a sincere handwritten card expressing what you cherish about the recipient. If possible, give presents in person on Thanksgiving day to maximize the excitement.

While staying mindful of budgets, focus on making the day a little more special through gifts that align with Thanksgiving themes. With creativity and personalization, gift-giving can become a meaningful tradition centered around togetherness. When chosen with love, these thoughtful presents are bound to make loved ones smile.


Thanksgiving opens the door for showing gratitude through gift-giving. With so many options, from home accents to indulgent treats, there are endless ways to surprise family and friends. Tailor gifts to each recipient and add personal touches like handwritten cards. Most importantly, gifts should come from the heart, not obligation. By putting thought into gift selection and presentation, you can make this Thanksgiving truly unforgettable.


Q: What are some Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas?

A: Scented candles, wine bottle labels, baked goods, cheese boards, dipping bowls, and other useful hosting items make good hostess gifts. Stick to portable, shareable presents.

Q: How much should I spend on Thanksgiving gifts?

A: There’s no minimum or maximum. Stay within your budget and focus more on finding a thoughtful, meaningful gift rather than cost. Modest gifts are perfectly appropriate.

Q: When should I give Thanksgiving gifts?

A: Bring them along and give them in person on Thanksgiving day for the best surprise and impact if possible. You can also opt to ship gifts to arrive close to the holiday.

Q: Should I buy gifts for the entire family?

A: You don’t need to buy gifts for everyone. Focus on giving one or two gifts to the hosts or select close family members/friends you want to surprise. Don’t feel obligated to buy for the whole family.

Q: What food gifts work for Thanksgiving?

A: Edible gifts like chocolate, nuts, wine, baked goods, fruit baskets, and preserves or jams make great foodie gift ideas to share on Thanksgiving day.

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